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Our law firm has been specializing on franchising and license agreements for ten years. Franchising relies on legal analogies and European legal principles. It is therefore important to take all the legally relevant principles into account: Antitrust law, intellectual property law, civil law, tenancy law, commercial agent law, European competition law, domestic and European procurement law, commercial law as well as general law of contract.

Our services

  • Establishment and development of a franchise system
  • Configuration of franchise, commercial agent and license agreements
  • Legal disputes between and franchisors and franchisees
  • Termination of contracts
  • Verification of compensation claims

Company law

Our knowledge of general company law allows us to provide holistic support to our clients throughout the business cycle. We support you with both strategic decisions and legal questions.

Unsere Leistungen

  • The foundation of businesses and companies
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder meetings and general meetings
  • Joint Ventures und Syndikatsverträge
  • Joint ventures and syndicate contracts
  • Due diligence audits according to company law
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Mediation during disputes between partners
  • Cross-border reorganizations (mergers, de-mergers, conversions, contributions)
  • Legal and business succession
  • Wealth management and estate planning

Real estate law

We advise you on all issues surrounding real estate law. With the support of our network, we support you during the acquisition and sale of real estate at home and abroad, with real estate management, the establishment of home ownership, and with portfolio transactions.

Our services

  • Real estate transactions by foreign buyers
  • Asset deals and share deals, sale & lease-back transactions
  • Establishment of home ownership, appraisal and resale of real estate, subdivision of real estate
  • Due diligence audits
  • Acquisition and sale of individual properties and portfolios at home and abroad
  • Completion of real estate transactions in accordance with the land register and preparation of the real estate for sale
  • Portfolio transactions – domestic and international
  • PPP (public-private partnerships)
  • Tax-optimized structuring of real estate transactions with purchases, rentals, tenancy agreements and leasing

Real estate advice

We are able to access a comprehensive portfolio of domestic and international properties and business premises in the private sector and the hotel and retail trades. We value existing properties for owners. We prepare decision-making information for prospective buyers. Our law firm offers expertise in the completion of real estate transactions in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy.

Our services

  • Project development and financing
  • Facility management contracts and advice with the administration of real estate
  • Financing of real estate and transactions
  • Business parks, shopping malls and office complexes

International matters

Our law firm specializes on business and tax-related matters – at both the domestic and cross-border levels. International agreements such as TIEA, DBA, CRS, AIA, BEPS, OECD are becoming increasingly complex. We support our clients with the configuration of contracts as well as their tax planning, and accompany them in the fields of company, tax and competition law.

Insolvency law & business reorganization

We advise you with the reorganization and restructuring of corporate units and real estate portfolios, taking factors regarding insolvency and company law into account – in the international context in particular, with a focus on tax-related issues. 

Our services

  • Advising and completion of debt rescheduling
  • Assertion of receivables and securities before and during insolvency
  • Acquisition of companies and real estate from bankrupt estates
  • Restructuring and reorganization of companies in the domestic and international environment
  • Restructuring of loans
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings

Antitrust and competition law

Our law firm offers expertise in complex contractual documentation in the field of competition law and intellectual property law. We support you with distribution, license and franchise agreements, advise you on questions relating to antitrust law, the abuse of dominant market position and in state aid proceedings.

We verify the admissibility of distribution and advertising measures as well as government subsidies. In the case of disputes according to competition law or a temporary injunction, we represent our clients to domestic and international authorities.

We support you with the planning, coordination and completion of domestic and international mergers and takeovers in terms of competition law and in all matters surrounding merger control. 

Our services

  • Verification of government subsidies according to state aid law
  • Merger control
  • Verification of contracts according to antitrust law

Mergers & acquisitions

We support investors and owners with the acquisition and purchasing of companies and investment targets: From the project planning and process strategy to due diligence processes, to the compilation and negotiation of the transaction contracts. Our law firm specializes on business, company and commercial law in the international environment. Our focus is on matters relating to tax law and license law. We are therefore a popular partner for professional and country-spanning expertise on the settlement of complex, topic-spanning transactions. 

Our services

  • Acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Due-diligence audits
  • Control of mergers
  • Venture capital and private equity transactions
  • Launches of funds
  • Structuring of consortia and joint ventures
  • Management buy-outs and leveraged buy-out transactions
  • ICO and block chain technologies
“When it comes to foundations, we accompany you. All the way to Liechtenstein.”

Foundations and trusts

Foundation law in Austria and Liechtenstein is one of the focal points of our law firm. We advise clients in all questions regarding the Austrian law on private foundations and accompany the foundation of new private foundations as well as changes to existing foundations. We advise founders, beneficiaries and executives on questions regarding foundation governance as well as disputes surrounding foundation law. We are also available to support you with the planning and securing of assets and succession arrangements.

The law of Liechtenstein has a long tradition in foundation law. As a result of the tax agreement between Austria and Liechtenstein, legal certainty has been created which makes the Liechtenstein foundation into an attractive alternative. We advise and support you with questions regarding a private-benefit family foundation as well as non-profit beneficiary foundations for the pursuit of philanthropic goals.

With our law firm, you will also find a reliable contact concerning the founding and administration of a trust and as regards Liechtenstein trust law.

Our services

  • Founding of companies, trusts and foundations
  • Analysis and optimization of existing structures
  • Expert appraisals
  • Advising and representing beneficiaries, institutions or other participants in companies, trusts or foundations in Liechtenstein

Fiscal criminal law

In the area of fiscal criminal law, the fields of criminal law and knowledge of commercial and tax law go hand in hand and are mutually interdependent. To ensure a good defense, the preparation of the commercial background is therefore of decisive importance.

Our work encompasses defense against criminal prosecution, the securing of assets, the securing of data as well as the rapid retrieval of possible loss amounts.

We also support our clients with the creation of hedging structures in companies. This allows the commission of criminal acts, even if they are negligent, to be avoided. In view of the current development of the legislation – and the jurisprudence in particular – such measures are expedient and prevent proceedings.

With regard to corporate criminal law, we represent companies and/or their constituent parts with considerable care and attention.

We also create hedging structures for our clients’ companies in the interests of the pre-emptive prevention of offenses. In view of the current development of the legislation – and the jurisprudence – such precautions pay for themselves many times over.

In specific terms, we provide support with the development of individual compliance departments and offer ongoing help with questions regarding legal prevention.

Our services

  • Questions regarding criminal law and company law
  • Questions regarding fiscal criminal law and tax issues
  • Insolvencies
  • Cases of corporate criminal law
  • Liability according to civil law and criminal law
  • Conduct towards investigative and competition authorities
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